Art of Barbara Ciardo




So happy to finally offer my Tutorials online through GUMROAD! I'm having so much fun reconstructing and putting in a clear way all my workflow which in the years has become pretty instinctive to me.

Also first time I talk so much about my work...first time I talk so much! :) Forgive my hybrid British-American accent by the way, I did my best;)

More tutorials are coming soon, probably something on COLOUR HARMONY and one taking all the steps to the FINAL COLOURING  of this artwork by Raul Cestaro.


I had the chance to collaborate with Raul and his brother on these Dylan Dog covers below and I hadn't got a doubt I would ask him to collaborate again. So here we are, you find the first of this series of tutorials HERE. Hope you find them helpful! 

download (1).jpeg
download (3).jpeg
download (2).jpeg