These books are a personal ongoing source of study and inspiration; since I buy lots of them, I'll keep posting new titles and personal reviews here when possible. 

All books are listed in casual order.

Book I love n. 10


I remember the day I bought this book. It was during my first New York Comicon and I was totally in awe with everything I saw. All was really hectic and new to me and while I was wandering around like in a confusional state, I noticed this shiny thing calling me from a booth. THIS BOOK is something I’ve always been dreaming of! If you’re passionate like me of the Disney’s Classics, here you find joy for your eyes. Some of the best background pieces ever made are collected in these pages, no text inside, just a rich selection of art by movies from 1930 to 2011; among them “Sleeping Beauty”, “The Jungle Book”, “The Lion King”, “Aladdin”, “Tangled”, “The Hunckback Of Notre Dame” and more. Backgrounds depicted are 90% traditional art done with pencils, guache and watercolour; few samples of digital art are shown in the last part of the book. It’s a precious book beautifully edited and I love it.

Barbara Ciardo